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21st September

12:00 – 14:00

Farmaforum Workshop Room 2

Digital tools that optimize your GxP environment: PQR automation


Carlos Fernández, CSV Manager Qualipharma

Marc Ramoneda, Responsable de la Unidad de Negocio de Transformación Digital Klinea DX


That digitization in all industrial areas is a reality, including GxP environments, and that all specialized personnel in a company are aware of it to a greater or lesser extent, is undeniable today. We currently have tools available for the digitization of many of the processes that we develop in a company and that allow both cost reduction, either by optimizing our resources to focus on higher value tasks or by reducing errors, as well as increasing compliance with regulations.

In this workshop we will identify the tools currently available, easy to implement in many cases, that will allow us to digitize; and we will discuss a specific case of application in the automation of PQR elaboration, perhaps not so well known but a good example of the specific tools we have in our environment.