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20th September

15:30 – 17:00

Labforum Workshop Room

Bio-Rad Integral Solution for the detection of indicators and pathogens through chromogeny and qPCR in the food industry


Cristina Gómez, Field Application Specialist, Bio-Rad Laboratories – Food Science Division

Victoria Moleiro San Emeterio, Bio-Rad Laboratories – Field Marketing Specialist EMEA, Food Science Division

Mariano Barroso, Managing Director, Microal Laboratories

Ana Gómez Cuenca, Quality Director of Nueva Cocina Mediterránea


Bio-Rad’s comprehensive solution for the detection of indicators and pathogens through chromogenomics and qPCR in the food industry.

A powerful and rapid certified alternative to reference methods, BIO-RAD’s iQ-Check® real-time PCR kits and RAPID Chromogenics are designed for rapid and qualitative detection of major pathogens in food and environmental samples.

qPCR technique, advantages and solutions in:



Food viruses


Species Adulteration, etc.

Pathogen detection automation with the iQ Prep + CFX OPUS Robotic platform. A very profitable investment.

Automated PCR sample preparation system optimized for flexibility to easily adapt to your food pathogen testing laboratory’s existing workflow.

Contribution of the automated, iQ Check PREP Bio-Rad solution to a laboratory’s daily and problematic routine.

The iQ-Check Prep system is a robotic liquid handling platform that performs DNA extraction and PCR plate setup. The iQ-Check Prep solution provides increased confidence in results, high reproducibility and robustness for routine testing laboratories. It fits seamlessly into the laboratory workflow without disrupting it and is an ideal solution for medium to high throughput testing laboratories.