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21st September

10:00 – 11:15

Inaugural Table

AFEPADI Observatory of Food Supplements: Evolution of the market in Spain.


  • Monica Gispert, President of the Spanish Association of Food Supplements.
  • Agustín Roqué, General Secretary of the Spanish Association of Food Supplements.

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11:15 – 12:15

Challenges and Opportunities of the food supplements market in the health sector.

Moderator: José Ángel Marañón, Ph. D. Executive Vice President, TRADICHEM GROUP, Founding Partner NETPHARMA hub

  • Lola Kerguelén Fuentes, Production Operations Lead HALEON.
  • Carla Gaya Boix, Vice President of the Spanish Association of Food Supplements Manufacturers (AFEPADI), General Manager ELADIET SA.
  • Renato Costa, Business Development Manager IBERIA, MIDDLE East & Africa, Joint Health Coordinator EMEA, Lonza AG.

12:15 – 12:45


12:45 – 13:15

Genetics at the Service of the Nutraceutical Industry.

  • Bruno Almeida, Product and technical manager of SGS molecular.

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13:15 – 13:45

Selection and formulation techniques of gelatine for soft capsule.

  • Roi Rodríguez, Head of Analytical Development, Cloverty.

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13:45 – 14:15

Consumer studies for food supplements: sensory acceptance and perceived efficacy.

  • Candela Ruso, Sensory and Consumer Research Technician at AINIA Consumer.