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BIOTECHFORUM. Forum of the biotechnology, health and cosmetics industry.

BIOTECHFORUM is held in parallel to FARMAFORUM and COSMÉTICAFORUM, within the reference event in the sector.

What does it consist of?

  •  Exhibition area, conferences, workshops, meetings, partnering, all in two days, in Hall 14 of IFEMA.
  • As stated in the latest ASEBIO report presented in June 2021, Spain is the eighth power worldwide in number of scientific publications, with more than 3,500 companies dedicated to this innovative industry, with an annual turnover of 12,000 million euros, 117,000 jobs and 1% of national GDP, 90% of this activity focused on human health and food.
  • Biotechforum aims to cover the entire value chain of the development of a biotechnological product, from the research of a new product, through production to the final stage of distribution and marketing.

National Congress of Pharmaceutical and Biosanitary Research

Farmaforum, are pleased to invite the scientific, academic and industrial community to participate in the First National Congress of pharmaceutical and biosanitary research, Health & Research Forum 2021, held on 17th and 18th of March 2021, at the Ifema within the fair Farmaforum.

Health & Research Forum will be a forum where the scientific, academic and industrial community can exchange experiences, ideas and projects related to research, development and innovation in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and biosanitary sectors.

Health & Research Forum will also be the ideal framework for establishing professional and academic contacts, as well as for the establishment of forms of national and international cooperation between institutions, companies and organizations, which will qualitatively raise the level and competitiveness of our Biopharmaceutical and Biosanitary industry, its products and projects.

It will consist of a congress and workshops, as well as a poster area where to present the latest in biopharmaceutical and biosanitary research.

Health & Research Forum will bring together the areas of biotechforum and labforum that were being held in parallel at the Farmaforum fair.

Health & Research Forum will deal with both the research part of new drugs and preclinical research in the field of Biosanitary.


  • Congress: Two days of congress where speakers of renowned prestige from both the academic and industrial worlds will give a global vision of the present and future of research in our country.
  • The ideal format will be a round table that will help to create debate.
  • Specialized workshops to demonstrate and apply the main techniques applied in the development of health-related research.
  • Poster Zone: Health & Research Forum will have a poster zone where researchers will be able to show their new research proposals.


  • To create a discussion forum to help the development of a research fabric in Spain.
  • To put in contact the academic and industrial world, often so far away.
  • To give value to the world of research in our country.
  • To value the world of research in universities and research centres as a pillar for the future of Spain’s economy.
  • To put in contact in a forum a:
    • Regulators from various public administrations.
    • Health managers.
    • Basic and clinical researchers (Linked to the CRO´S congress).
    • Scientific societies.
    • Patients and their associations.
    • Providers of research-related goods and services.

To whom it is adressed:

  • Researchers from research centres and universities.
  • Members of companies related to R&D in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry.
  • R&D departments.
  • Researchers in public and private hospitals.
  • Members of research-related foundations and associations.
  • All those professionals interested in the research and development of new medicines.
  • CRO´s