What is Labforum?

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Labforum, meeting point for suppliers of Materials, Instrumentation, Equipment and Methods for Analysis and Diagnosis in the Laboratory.

Labforum is focused to satisfy the needs that arise in the laboratories that analyze and investigate.

The clinical, analytical or modern research laboratory has ceased to be a closed space and has become a flexible and collaborative space in which advances are shared at an international level. Both the “laboratory” environment and its work tools are changing drastically in recent years and to compete it is essential to know the innovations that facilitate research.

Especially in the area of health, laboratories play a key role. The latest analytical equipment and apparatus, innovative laboratory techniques, materials for sample preparation, microscopes… Labforum aims to bring together leading manufacturers and is intended to be the meeting point for researchers and laboratory technicians.

Terms such as robotics, digitization, Big Data or 3D printing are being introduced in research laboratories and allow processes to be accelerated and results maximized, but workspaces are also transformed. Labforum will collect all the trends and show which companies equip research laboratories, from conventional supplies and materials to high tech equipment.

Labforum is held parallel to Farmaforum. Both events mutually benefit from synergies.

The Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnology and Cosmetics Industry, among other related sectors, depend on research advances to create new products. Accelerating research processes guaranteeing quality and safety is of utmost importance for these sectors that are large consumers of the products exhibited at Labforum.

Reasons to exhibit

  • Since its creation six years ago, Farmaforum has worked successfully to increase the quality and quantity of professional visitors. There is no event in Spain that brings together so many highly qualified professionals from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industry.
  • The attractive format allows in just two very intense days that the exhibiting companies establish important business contacts.
  • It is also a unique annual opportunity to publicize your new products, promote the image of your company, see how your competition acts and learn about new trends.
  • The combination of visitors from industries related to the Pharmaceutical Industry also increases their business opportunities.
  • Farmaforum has established itself as a mandatory event on the agendas of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic companies that are increasingly involved in their good development.