Altro floor and wall tiles are a clear reference in the market, both for their performance in terms of easy maintennce, hygiene and durability. It also enand for their design, since they offer a wide range of ideal options for different environments. Thus, the Altro SupremaTM model,  is reincorporated into the catalog with updated features in terms of cleanliness  and innovative colors, maintaining its matte and smooth finish.

Gorka Amutio, Altro manager for Spain, says: «Altro Suprema™ was already an excellent choice for those areas where hygiene and slip and trips prevention are priority points. This development is brought to Spain after the good acceptance in the United Kingdom and in some European countries, where multiple successful projects have been carried out in the education, HORECA and health sectors. It’s an improved version, just as elegant, but even easier to clean.»

Thanks to its improved Altro Easyclean technology, the renewed Altro Suprema vinyl flooring offers low maintenance and is easier to clean. They emphasize their maximum resistance to stains, abrasion and scratches. This makes it ideal for areas of heavy traffic of people or objects with wheels, common in classrooms, hospital rooms, receptions or corridors. In addition, it is available in a wide range of 33 contemporary colours.

Supreme Altro, perfect for multiple zones and highly combinable

Altro Suprema, thanks to its features, is suitable for installation in many areas: spaces for public use, such as lobbies, entrance areas or corridors; pharma uses, laboratories and technology areas; waiting rooms, rehabilitation gyms, rooms and corridors of hospital and geriatric residences.

«The colour range of Altro Suprema facilitates its combination with other Altro products, thus  offers a complete solution. You can create magnificent designs combining with other safety flooring models such as Altro Aquarius™. This model is suitable for bathrooms and other wet areas and is today the benchmark in the market from the point of view of safety. It´s the ideal solution for combined wet and dry, shoe and barefoot areas. Keeps you safe with common contaminants such as shampoo and conditioner. Comfortable underfoot and resistant to wear and tear from shoes. Great in bathrooms, showers, saunas, spas. It also combines well with Altro Xpresslay™, one of adhesive-free models. This adhesive-free general purpose slip-resistant flooring is ideal for areas where downtime is an issue and speed of installation is critical, or where there are moisture problems in the floor, since it is a pavement capable of withstanding up to 97% of Relative Humidity.»

«We are sure that the new Supreme Altro will be welcome in Spain since it has been developed with the opinion of color experts, architects and even end users. Once again, at Altro we wanted to combine premium features with a great range of coloours to create welcoming and trendy environments in terms of interior design,» concludes Gorka Amutio.