Becton Dickinson (BD), a world leader in medical technology, is accelerating its commitment to research, monitoring, early diagnosis and personalized care thanks to the technology of Cytognos, a spin-off of the flow cytometry laboratory of the University of Salamanca.

Earlier this year, BD completed the acquisition of the biotechnology company whose activity is focused on the design, development and commercialization of flow cytometry reagents, kits and software for the diagnosis of blood tumors (leukemia, lymphomas and multiple myelomas). Thanks to this purchase, BD will be able to detect early the diseases of patients related to these tumors, which is a major step forward in its commitment to prevention and personalized care.

With the aim of becoming a leader in multiparametric cytometry and in offering solutions for immunological research, Becton Dickinson continues to innovate through new technologies. In this regard, Cytognos uses computer systems based on artificial intelligence to develop its diagnostics, which provides standardization and automation in both flow cytometry and new diagnostic applications.

Thus, and thanks to digitalization, BD accelerates its strategy to enhance early diagnosis with the ultimate goal of offering personalized patient care.

On the one hand, through monitoring, patient pathologies related to blood tumors can be detected early: once the cancer patient evolves and improves, it is very important to perform this specific follow-up to improve the results in the treatment of the disease.
On the other hand, immunological evaluation tests to address their needs will allow us to elaborate an individualized diagnosis, as well as to offer an exclusive therapy and a correct response to their needs.

In short, by acquiring Cytognos, BD has been able to accelerate its strategy of personalized patient care based on early diagnosis, monitoring, innovation and research.