The Multitron IV from the Swiss manufacturer Infors HT is the ideal solution for mammalian cell culture. The Multitron IV is the highest capacity unit in its class (up to 6 x 5 L flasks) despite its compact external dimensions and weight. In addition, it is possible to stack up to three units, the third tray being at a very accessible height (130 cm).

It has multiple possibilities to adapt to the needs of each laboratory, such as 3, 25 or 50 mm orbit, precise temperature and speed control, CO2 regulation, humidification and illumination. All with the possibility of remote control through the most complete software for Bioprocesses, the EVE.

The PHERAstar FSX is the most powerful multi-mode reader for HTS. It combines extraordinary sensitivity with ultra-fast read times.

Thanks to its unique optical module system, dual simultaneous emission, UV/Vis spectrometer and dedicated AlphaScreen® and TRF lasers, the PHERAstar FSX has unmatched detection limits, so it can perform any assay with extraordinary ease and speed, even using 3456-well microplates.

Temperature control, the ability to shake and incorporate injectors, and BMG’s capable control and analysis software, compatible with stringent GLP and GMP requirements, give the PHERAstar FSX a versatility that is hard to match.

Both units are also backed by the extensive experience of Biogen Científica, distributor of both manufacturers since the 90’s, and responsible for the installation and maintenance of several hundred of them distributed throughout laboratories in the Iberian Peninsula.