Codols Technology is pleased to announce their appointment as national representatives of O’Hara Technologies Inc. a leading manufacturer of tablet and coated tablet coaters, continuous and batch processes, laboratory, R&D and production equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. O’Hara Technologies Inc. is known worldwide for its unique technology, high return on investment solutions and excellent customer service. The company offers proven solutions for all capacity requirements, from portable laboratory equipment and R&D models to high-volume continuous systems.

Highlighting O’Hara’s Fastcoat™ continuous coaters, these significantly shorten production cycle times and improve productivity, while using less space and GMP services than traditional batch coaters. The nature of continuous coating requires a shallower tablet bed, which causes less product damage and allows tablets to pass under the anti-bearding spray nozzles at a higher frequency. As a result, our customers see clearly improved coating uniformity, often with significantly lower weight gains than traditional batch coating.

O’Hara’s patented technology allows for a wide range of production capacities; we offer equipment designed for nominal throughput rates of 75, 500 and 1200 kg/h. O’Hara’s Zero Waste recipe control system allows each tablet to be coated to your specifications, from the first to the last. The continuous coater can also be used as a fully automated batch coater, equipped with fully automated tablet loading, coating and unloading systems for maximum versatility.

With more than 1250 installations in 35 countries, O’Hara Technologies Inc. has supplied innovative equipment to companies around the world. The company has an extensive network of representatives and technical support teams in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

O’Hara’s philosophy is to become a trusted partner to its customers worldwide by providing high quality, cost-effective solutions, proactive customer service and value-added consulting services related to improving the performance of process equipment in coaters. The company’s rapid response to industry trends, through innovation and close contact with customers, is what sets O’Hara Technologies apart from its competitors.

O’Hara Technologies Inc.’s 65,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is equipped with modern machinery and operated by an experienced team of metal technicians, welders, assembly specialists, electricians and instrumentation technicians. The manufacturing team works closely with the engineering and testing departments to optimize and improve the performance of your processes and equipment. Our facilities are available for testing on coaters, with the assistance of highly experienced specialists.

Strong commitment to quality is guaranteed by compliance with international quality standards ISO, GMP, cGMP and CE. All equipment is subject to rigorous in-house testing to ensure that regulatory and customer-specific requirements meet all national and international standards.