Ellab Solutions Spain officially opened its doors one year ago as the Iberian headquarters of Ellab A/S, founded in Denmark in 1949.

Ellab helps life sciences and food companies around the world to ensure consumer safety by optimizing and improving the quality of their processes through comprehensive validation and monitoring solutions.

With this new office, Ellab aims to bring the best international service and expertise to the national level. The office has a calibration laboratory and stock to serve our customers as quickly as possible.

Protecting patients and consumers and avoiding economic losses

The quality, safety and integrity of pharmaceutical and food products are crucial, as they are subject to numerous controls and regulations.

Poor storage conditions or faulty equipment can lead to non-conformities in an audit or delay the launch of a new product. In addition to adding additional economic costs. For example, the loss of a batch in the pharmaceutical industry can cost thousands or millions of euros.

Ellab’s objective is to prevent these situations and offer greater peace of mind to manufacturers, but also to consumers and patients.

Ellab, a major partner

Since 2019, Ellab also offers monitoring solutions. These instruments make it possible to monitor a multitude of parameters (T, P, RH, etc.) 24 hours a day, seven days a week in laboratories, production areas, warehouses, hospitals or even museums.

This is an advantage for companies as they benefit from a single partner for validation and monitoring operations.

Global Expertise with Local Reach

Ellab works with the 40 largest pharmaceutical companies and has subsidiaries and experts all over the world.

In order to fulfill its mission of global expertise with local reach, Ellab opened the doors of its Iberian subsidiary in September 2021, Ellab Solutions Spain, to provide the highest level of service to its customers in the Iberian Peninsula.

Meet us October 5-6 at our booth C90 at Farmaforum.