Greenlandia Tech, a Spanish healthtech startup specialized in the control and visibility of the entire process of transporting biological samples, has presented at Farmaforum its intelligent system consisting of a cloud platform and Nuuk, its smart refrigerator, whose purpose is to improve the healthcare logistics chain of cold transport of biological samples, medicines and other sensitive and/or fragile products in real time.

Aimed at the pharmaceutical industry and the medical sector, without forgetting the biotech field, transport and logistics, and public health, the company offers its solutions to clinical analysis laboratories, medical professionals and researchers and analysts who want to reduce the percentage of biological samples arriving in poor condition at analysis centers, which is between 7 and 11%.

The transport of biological samples is still carried out with precarious means, without any kind of guarantee and in many cases without complying with the UN 3373 / ADR regulations for the transport of biological samples. «The transport and traceability of biological substances and medicines requires special conditions to be carried out correctly. On the one hand, it is essential to guarantee the quality of biological samples by avoiding any type of alteration and/or modification during transport and, on the other hand, it is essential to avoid exposure to biological risk to people and the environment with sufficient protective measures,» explained Gabriel Bestard, CEO of Greenland Tech.

In this context, Greenland Tech has developed an IoT platform and its Nuuk smart refrigerator, which try to fill an existing gap in cold logistics, transport, monitoring and control in real time of biological samples, medicines and sensitive products.