• What products or novelties will you present at the next edition of Farmaforum?

CARLO ERBA Reagents ESPAÑA will present its entire range of products to the sector as a manufacturer of chemical products and a distributor of laboratory material and equipment. This represents some 6,000 references of chemical products, of which we manufacture more than 70%, and more than 100,000 references of laboratory material, consumables and equipment that we distribute through the LLG (Lab Logistic Group) platform.

  • Carlo Erba has more than 160 years of experience in the field of medicine and chemistry. What is the importance of a company with so much antiquity the fact of attending this kind of massive events?

It is important to consolidate ourselves as a benchmark among manufacturers of chemical products. In addition, we are interested in being positioned, in addition to being a manufacturer of reference chemical products, also as a distributor of all kinds of laboratory material, since we have access to one of the most extensive catalogs that exist in the European market through Lab Logistics Group (LLG).

  • What is the objective that has been set in the 2022 edition of Farmaforum?

The most important objective is to position itself as a manufacturer of chemical products with extensive experience and a high reputation in the European market. Currently, we are very focused on gaining notoriety among users under 40-45 years of age, where we detect that we are not as well known as among more senior users. CARLO ERBA Reagents is in the midst of an expansion process to recover the market position that belongs to it, in accordance with its prestige and historical background.

  • After living through a pandemic… What do you think about the return to face-to-face events?

We were there last year, but this year is going to be special as we can once again experience an event of this magnitude with our faces uncovered. Confess that I have serious problems recognizing people when they wear a mask, and that I really miss all non-verbal language that we transmit through the oral-nasal area, which is a lot. I think that it is very good for the sector, and for society in general, to start living in a normality that takes us back to the pre-pandemic era, especially for our mental health.

  • How do you assess the current state of the sector in our country?

The sector, as a macro-segment, has grown due, above all, to the healthcare part that is more directly related to the activity around COVID 19. However, if we refine the analysis and micro-segment in specific sectors, the panorama is quite disparate. Within the specialized chemical sector, which is the one we know best, much progress is being made in specific areas, such as peptide chemistry directly related to cell marking in immunotherapies, and this means that there is significant consumption of the products involved, but On the other hand, other areas such as organic synthesis, where chemical consumption has historically been very high, are in clear decline and resources are being allocated more to nanoscience research, for example, where consumption is much lower.

My particular long-term view is that the bulk chemicals market is shrinking and manufacturers must update our portfolios to provide more specialized solutions to sectors that are growing and will fill the market in the future.

  • And lastly… To what extent do you think it is important to hold events like Farmaforum for the sector?

For me, it is essential. In any activity where human interaction adds value, it is important that these types of events exist where the different market players can get in touch. Of course, they have to be updated technologically in order to improve the user experience and give importance to transmitting an image of modernity. Even so, a table and some chairs where you can meet face to face with clients and suppliers, and be able to perceive all the inputs, verbal