• What products or new developments will you be presenting at the next edition of Farmaforum?

Telstar is focusing its efforts on the development of technologies and new applications that help to facilitate the improvement of production efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry, the automation of its operational processes and the management of operational excellence in the context of digital transformation. In this area, the company will promote its range of services for the pharmaceutical industry, especially services in the field of GMP digitalization and IoT platform for predictive maintenance. Telstar will present at Farmaforum the new DiSQ software for the paperless qualification and validation of pharmaceutical processes, while participating in a workshop given by experts on Paperless Validation and digitization, key to optimizing the validation process.

The company will also promote, among others, an innovative wireless system capable of monitoring in real time the progress of the sublimation front in GMP freeze-drying processes, which has already become the latest in PAT technology for freeze-drying, as well as a new IoT platform for predictive and preventive maintenance that non-intrusively analyzes functional data from production equipment in real time. At the same time, Telstar will promote its state-of-the-art Green Engineering engineering services for pharmaceutical production, designed to offer, from the initial design, higher performance with lower environmental impact, as well as its unique intelligent climate control system that provides automatic regulation of cleanroom climate control.

  • Telstar is one of the main technological partners for the pharmaceutical industry in our country. Has it been a challenge to maintain this high position in the sector without being able to attend large events during the pandemic?

Telstar has invested considerable effort in the development of new highly complex solutions, especially in the field of digitalization and automation, which add value to our clients’ projects and contribute continuously to the improvement of their operational processes, increased efficiency and greater sustainability. This circumstance, which has taken place especially in the course of the last two years, in itself has been a major challenge that the company has been able to address successfully and has allowed it to maintain its position as a benchmark within the sector in Spain.

  • What is the objective you have set for the 2022 edition of Farmaforum?

To give visibility to Telstar’s strategic line of services in the area of consulting, engineering and construction of pharmaceutical and biotechnology plants and complete laboratory projects for the manufacture of drugs, including critical equipment. At the same time, disclose the innovative advances that the company has developed in terms of technologies and specific solutions in the field of process automation and logistics management systems, GMP digitalization and IoT data platform for predictive maintenance. Telstar’s purpose is to respond to the needs of a pioneering industry that is characterized by an increasing complexity and sophistication of its requirements and that is leading a business model characterized by digital transformation and the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies.

  • After living through a pandemic… What do you think about the return to face-to-face events?

An opportunity to meet the concerns of customers and industries in the sector in the short term and in a very concentrated period of time, which also stimulates the exchange of knowledge on the current situation and market trends, as well as analyzing and reflecting on new trends in the sector.

  • How do you assess the current state of the sector in our country?

The pharmaceutical and innovative healthcare industry is one of the strategic sectors in continuous growth that can contribute most to the economic reactivation and the boosting of the country’s productive model in the coming years. Increasingly competitive, this sector must be reinforced by strategic policies at the national level aimed not only at promoting research activity and the creation of qualified jobs, but also at strengthening the production and supply chain in order to stop depending on third countries. Within this ecosystem, research centers and industries supplying equipment and services in the country, such as Telstar, make it possible to respond to this exceptional challenge with a maximum degree of efficiency and high added value.

  • And finally… To what extent do you think it is important for the sector to hold events like Farmaforum?

Participating in events that generate a significant critical mass of attendance, both of companies representing the sector and of suppliers, represents a high potential opportunity. For Telstar, being present at industry events means not only offering its own innovations and sharing its own technological know-how, but also playing an active part in consolidating the competitiveness of the life sciences sector as a whole.