• What products or novelties will you present in the next edition of Farmaforum?
    Extensive catalog updated 2022-2024
    New models of small equipment (centrifuges, agitators, homogenizers…)
    “INDELAB” own-manufactured equipment, drying ovens, incubators (Co2), filtration cabins, anaerobic cabins and extraction cabinets.
    New laboratory design program
  • Why is it important for Labolan to attend large events such as fairs or congresses?
    Being present helps boost sales, as well as expose new products and services with a closer and more direct treatment.
  • What is the objective that has been set in the 2022 edition of Farmaforum?
    Increase knowledge of the company and its products.
    Get new customers.
    Improve the image of the company or brand.
    Introduce new products and services
  • After living through a pandemic… What do you think of going back to face-to-face events?
    If the events were already something special before, now they will be much more so. An opportunity to meet with colleagues and see them up close.
    What is certain is that the events after COVID will be different, and this requires adaptation by the organizers, the attendees and the spaces for holding events.
  • How do you assess the current state of the sector in our country?
    The world of science, innovation and the business sector are deploying efforts to support the health emergency at breakneck speed.
  • And finally… To what extent do you think it is important for the sector to hold events like Farmaforum?
    In our opinion, it is always important to hold fairs, they help to get personal and commercial contacts as well as to interact with suppliers, distributors, customers and specialists in the sector.