The MixOne, is a new concept for the Swedish shaker brand. It is a stirring base that is combined with personalized plastic containers designed for a single use. This equipment is tremendously robust and can be easily transported, without the difficulties of plastic bags.

One of its advantages is the possibility of working with smaller volumes and having the support of Quilinox and Metenova in the process of customizing the containers so that they adapt to the needs of your product.

Logically, we have the best magnetic stirrer on the market to achieve the perfect mix thanks to its disruptive Truelev technology, the location of the stirrer itself and its design to achieve the reliability and perfect mix that characterizes Metenova equipment.

The equipment is easy to use and transport, always maintaining its robustness. In addition, it adapts to the specific needs of each client through options of connectors, tube, filters, etc. It quickly and efficiently reaches 350 RPM, mixing every last drop thanks to its design that does not require liquid to lubricate its components. Even at low revolutions it achieves efficient stirring.

In what sizes is it available?

The MixOne is modular with a wide variety of components such as tubes, couplings, sizes, etc. Consult with Quilinox specialists to customize the equipment to your needs

What is the difference between a Stirbar and the MixOne?

Stirbars are typical laboratory stirrers with limited capacity and performance when applied to scalable production. The MixOne agitation system is designed to not only meet but exceed pharmaceutical standards for scaled production needs, with unprecedented performance thanks to the combination of bearingless technology that eliminates any agitation-related loss.

Does the window seen in the video come standard?

The windowed container is perfect for visual assessment of agitation performance. It is not in the standard, but can be created on demand. It is usually used for evaluation in the R+D+I department as a previous step to carry out the production already in the equipment without a window. Windowed equipment is not compatible with irradiation and is therefore not recommended for production use in most cases.

How do I control the MixOne interface?

The MixOne is easily controlled by attaching the container to the control platform. It can be done in two ways:

– Digital through a hand-operated panel or through your own control system.

What are the applications of the configuration that you show in the video?

The equipment you can use is designed for low shear agitation of fluids that require an aseptic and sterile environment. After filling through its inlet line, it can remain sealed for storage. When the product is to be used, the container is re-attached to the platform and the agitator is activated to re-suspend the product. To check the quality of the product and the mixture, the system is equipped with four aseptic sample lines made with C-Flex tubes that can be welded to a sample container.

For ease of use during operation and installation, it is equipped with tube supports that locate, protect, and prevent tube entanglement when handling.

The vent line has a pressure sensor to test the unit before use.

The container has a drain line at a low point for easy emptying with an aseptic quick connect at the end of the line.

What are the technical specifications of the MixOne?

• Speed ??range: 0-350 rpm.

• Material and chemical compatibility: The platform is made of polypropylene and can be cleaned with alcohol.

• Design pressure: The design pressure is 0.5 bar / 7psi overpressure.

• Temperature Range: The designed operating temperature range is between +2C and +40C / 36F and 104F.

• Tube/Port Configuration: The system can be supplied with many different filters, tubes, connectors, and most other types of components on the market to meet your needs.

• Safety features: The MixOne is a robust closed system that effectively prevents accidental product release and potentially harmful exposure. The robust design also allows for ergonomic handling, either by hand or with lifting aids, thanks to integrated handles on the top.

• The MixOne is equipped with a tube handling system that prevents tube entanglement.