Since 2005, the Belgian company Solidfog has established itself as a leader in airborne surface biodecontamination systems for the pharmaceutical industry. It is a highly specialized supplier, with a highly refined nebulization technology, top-quality products and customers among the main multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers of sterile products and biosafety facilities. Its solutions range from simple mobile equipment to complete, centralized and highly automated installations that comply with all applicable regulations: EN 17272, GMP standards, 21CFR part 11 and others.

This year Netsteril will exhibit one of its flagship products, the Dosymist XL. This is an equipment that can operate on a stand-alone basis or linked to a centralized control system that controls it and manages the cycle. As a stand-alone unit it can also be synchronized with the HVAC system. The Dosymist XL has an integrated air compressor and three spray heads, which can be oriented in different directions. Its high capacity allows it to disinfect areas of up to 750 m3, depending on its architecture. It has Siemens PLC control and HMI panel to manage recipes designed for each room or application. The system performs a self-diagnosis of the main functions before starting the cycle and controls the quality of the injection and the weight of the applied dose, thus ensuring that the recipe has been reproduced according to the validated cycle.

The Dosymist XL is undoubtedly the most complete and advanced equipment on the market in the category of VH2O2 biodecontamination equipment by nebulization, designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Come and meet it at Netsteril booth C-13.