As medical cannabis is legalised in more regions around the world, new business opportunities arise for growers. However, for this type of cultivation, the control of different parameters such as light, temperature and humidity become important to ensure a successful harvest. Philips Horticulture presents the ideal light recipe for the proper cultivation of medical cannabis in its different phases, combining light hours, spectrum, light level and uniformity.

Medical cannabis plants go through different phases that require different light recipes. Our solutions are adapted to the cloning, vegetative and flowering phases, combining the parameters of intensity, spectrum and lighting time, to ensure the correct development of the crop.

A light recipe to optimise medical cannabis productivity

Thanks to Philips LED luminaires and the GrowWise control system we are able to create different light recipes. By using the specific recipe for each phase, we achieve stability in production in terms of cannabinoid levels, while at the same time, the technology allows us to improve production per watt consumed, increasing the profitability of this type of operation.

The use of LED technology compared to other conventional technologies allows us to increase production on the same surface area, optimising the photosynthesis and flowering process, and minimising the use of energy and water. In addition, the control system can be integrated with temperature and humidity control, providing the grower with a simple, unified control panel that allows him to control production and maximise results.