Since its recent legalization, Medical Cannabis has shown incredible therapeutic potential, with major advances in alleviating anxiety, pain, and nausea, while aiding cognition, sleep, and even cognitive problems. movement or severe neurological and immune disorders.

Thanks to its non-psychoactive nature, its calming power and its mild and fleeting adverse effects, Cannabidiol -the «harmless» molecule contained in hemp plants- is gaining momentum and popularity in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, establishing a valued new business in billions of euros.

Standards to be applied to production and distribution

The raw, non-psychotropic Cannabis stems can be made not only into medicines – ranging from oils, capsules, sprays and vapors – but also ingredients for cosmetics and food.

Each of these products must comply with the principles of quality and good practices established by international and local laws.

Available services

PQE Group experts have appropriate solutions designed specifically for this growing sector.

Throughout all phases of cultivation and extraction, you can ensure compliance with the regulations established in the country for greenhouses and laboratories. In addition, you will receive the necessary support for the registration and sale of your product in other countries.

These are the services available to PQE Group:

  • Medical and scientific advice
  • GxP Quality Compliance
  • Engineering
  • Regulatory issues

PQE Group will be present on October 5 and 6 in Hall 14 of IFEMA, at Farmaforum 2022.