Within the framework of Labforum, Scharlab, in collaboration with Interscience, will organize a workshop on Scan automatic colony counters and will show the Scan 4000 equipment so that visitors to the fair can see the equipment, understand its application, advantages and mode of use.

Since counting in a Petri dish is time consuming, tedious and can vary from person to person, Scan automatic colony counters allow efficient, complete and accurate colony counting.

The Scan 4000 can count up to 1000 colonies in 1 second in a consistent and repeatable manner. Counting accuracy reaches 98%. Time savings and multiple data export possibilities increase the safety and quality of the analysis.
Thus, Scan automatic colony counters provide accuracy, repeatability and traceability.

The workshop will be given by Victoria Diogo (International Sales Representative of Interscience) on Wednesday, October 5 from 13h to 14h in room 2 of hall 14.