Although Metenova was founded just over 10 years ago, its team has more than 40 years of experience designing, creating and testing the most advanced magnetic stirrers on the market. Together with the advice of the Quilinox team in Spain, it is a brand that is increasingly present in the pharmaceutical industry.
Changing such an important piece of equipment in aseptic processes as the magnetic stirrer is not a decision to be taken lightly and to do so, the companies that have switched to Metenova have found compelling reasons. One of the reasons that have convinced Metenova users is the level of hygiene, which is superior to any other model on the market.
The shank construction is made from a single piece of silicon carbide, the strongest alloy used in these processes. It has a higher resistance to friction and the fact that the tap is made from a single alloy is key: «When we saw that the shank was not like the ones we had before, a union between a piece of tungsten and another of stainless steel, we saw that we could eliminate an area of possible contamination,» says one of our customers.
He also had a problem with spare parts from other brands, as they could not be replaced on site in the event of accidental breakage, but had to be sent to the manufacturer to replace the damaged part. This led to a high increase in cost and production downtime. With Metenova, this problem is solved by having the part replaced by the customer himself.
The design of Metenova’s magnetic stirrers maintains asepsis thanks to their open design and to elements such as the placement of the seals which are in the outermost area and at 90º angles, which facilitates the two basic conditions for easy cleaning: turbulence and temperature.
Another advantage that our customers tell us is how it responds in conditions of minimum volumes. In one of the cases we were approached, we were asked to demonstrate this before making the purchase. Thanks to Metenova’s help, a streaming demonstration was carried out in the presence of Metenova’s technical teams and the customer.
Finally, another advantage that helped our customers to make their decision was to be able to make a transition between their old equipment and the new one, using part of their old equipment and placing the new magnetic stirrer on its base with the help of the adapter.
In short, you can count on the advice of our commercial advisors to study your case together with Metenova’s technical team and advise you on the best solution for your processes.