Throughout the month of May at SciSols, Topair provided specialized technical training for the company’s sales team. This training, specific for Topair’s new equipment, was attended by sales representatives from Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

Topair Systems is a manufacturer with a wide range of safety and extraction cabinets, clean air solutions used in laboratories and various research facilities. At the end of the year, Topair will launch its new models on the market, equipment that features the latest technologies on the market to facilitate day-to-day laboratory work. Therefore, it was of vital interest for our staff to know in depth the operation and techniques of these new products in order to properly advise our customers in their next launch.
During the training they were able to deepen their knowledge of electrical and mechanical issues, as well as everything related to the resolution of incidents in the units, the replacement of components and the repair of sensors. All this can be a great advantage to speed up the resolution of doubts about the equipment by the SciSols team.

At Farmaforum Labforum 2022, SciSols will be exhibiting this new and exclusive equipment in the market