There is a growing regulatory requirement for the correct characterization and identification of the different types of impurities present in drugs, such as genotoxic impurities, elemental impurities, nitrosamines, extractables, leachables and others.

For manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, it is a necessity, but also a great challenge to know and comply with all current regulations. In our workshop, our experts will inform you about the latest developments. But that’s not all, in addition, they will share their personal knowledge through case studies from their work. You will learn about special techniques in the determination of elemental impurities in human, veterinary and cosmetic products. We will also show you how we have taken the analysis of nitrosamines and extractables and leachates to another level using the Orbitrap system with high-resolution power, high-frequency sampling and multiple libraries. And we will inform you about the difficulties of impurities specifically in biological products.
Come to the workshop and learn from our experience to successfully manage impurities in your business.

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