FANUC presents the new long arm welding robots ARC Mate 100iD / 8L and ARC Mate 120iD / 12L. These two models offer increased range, outstanding speed and maximum precision.

Ideal for working in compact cells, the ARC Mate 100iD / 8L takes up a small area and can be installed upside down or at an angle for greater flexibility.

The new ARC Mate 120iD / 12L robot offers outstanding speed and highest accuracy in its class. It is a versatile robot that can weld large workpieces thanks to its large horizontal reach and the 12kg payload gives it great flexibility.

Designed specifically for welding applications, the ARC Mate 120iD / 12L and ARC Mate 100iD / 8L come ready to integrate the entire energy package of the robot. Facilitating the routing of sensor, camera, air pipe or other utility cables through the robot’s arm, wrist and hollow body. This completely eliminates the need for external cables and avoids the possibility of interference with peripheral equipment. The integrated cabling facilitates integration and extends cable life, reducing the risk of downtime.

To avoid splash accumulation and facilitate maintenance, all ARC Mate 100iD and 120iD series robots have smooth surfaces and very few exposed screws. Like all FANUC robots, the ARC Mate 100iD / 8L and ARC Mate 120iD / 12L support several intelligent functions and incorporate FANUC’s patented vision system, iRVision.

In addition, a wide range of software options and safety features such as FANUC Dual Check Safety can be added to the robot.

The FANUC ROBOGUIDE offline PC simulation tool helps to optimize cell design and improve engineering processes.