Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and laboratories require accuracy and rigorous control in the retention of particles, in addition to other characteristics that make this type of packaging unique.

ICT Filtration’s Pharmaline fluid bed filters are made using the widest range of technical fabrics, including the exclusive ICTEX high-tech fabrics, special fabrics for abrasive powders with low moisture content and antistatic fabrics made of stainless steel and carbon composite, which comply with EU-10/2011 and FDA standards. All fabrics have traceability documentation, migration conformity declaration according to EU 10/2011 and FDA and ATEX certificate.

Their most common applications are in drying, granulation, coating and encapsulation processes.

The antistatic fabrics used in clothing minimise product loss and dissipate static electricity in solvent evaporation processes with risk of ignition.


Manufacturing and finishing

CAD laser technology, which allows high-precision fabric cutting, and ultrasonic and thermo-welding closed seams, which prevents leaks and tears, result in high-quality and efficient products.

Furthermore, always following the GMP manufacturing protocols, ICT Filtration manufactures standard and custom-made products, which can be delivered with personalized laser labeling and individual packaging for storage at the customer’s request.


Eco-efficiency and benefits

Pharmaline fluid bed filters manufactured by ICT Filtration optimize production processes, increasing the performance of the equipment or the filtering installation. Moreover, under correct operating conditions, they guarantee less technical stops for a longer product life cycle

In order to improve the operation and save the electrical consumption of the system, the design of the filtering solution manufactured by ICT Filtration aims at the optimum air passage vs. particle retention ratio, a pure final product free of contaminants and impurities and the loss of product during the manufacturing process.

ICT Filtration’s Pharmaline fluid bed filters guarantee mixtures with a low coefficient of variation and avoid the risk of cross-contamination due to the release of fibres.