Farmaforum 2022 will be held on October 5 and 6. This is the most important pharmaceutical industry event in our country. Alcobendas HUB, the investment attraction office of the municipality in the north of Madrid, collaborates by sponsoring the fair with the experience that characterizes this Madrid investment incubator.

Alcobendas, where business works
A national benchmark in the pharmaceutical sector. Alcobendas is the third city in terms of turnover of its companies behind Madrid and Barcelona, and the second municipality with more pharmaceutical companies in the Community of Madrid, such is the case of the multinationals Pfizer, Teva, Lilly or Italfármaco.

Alcobendas HUB, for its part, aims to facilitate investment and assist investors by attending to all the necessary aspects for the start-up of any type of company.

This office is made up of a team of professionals who accompany the investor from the moment the prospecting begins, offering information, providing assistance and facilitating the procedures, until the start-up of the project, with a wide range of services that provide added value to the necessary decision-making process. It also provides free coworking space for the duration of the installation in the city.

The spirit of Alcobendas HUB is that of public-private collaboration. In fact, this project was born from the meeting of needs between the business association AICA and the City Council, with the aim of attracting investment and generating quality employment in the city.