During the ninth edition of Farmaforum 2023, Innovaforum will be held for the first time, a congress in which researchers from different scientific societies in our country will participate.

In order to be able to tune in to the preferences of those interested and to narrow down the themes of the different conferences, Farmaforum is making a questionnaire available to future attendees in order to select the themes to be developed by each of the scientific societies participating in Innovaforum.

Spanish Society of Mass Spectrometry (SEEM)
The Spanish Society of Mass Spectrometry, founded in August 2000 in the framework of the International Mass Spectrometry Conference (Barcelona) with the aim of promoting, fostering and disseminating knowledge of Mass Spectrometry in all its aspects, organic, inorganic and biological, serving as a forum for the exchange of opinions and information, as well as advice, in scientific and educational matters, to institutions and public and private entities that require it.