From Sarstedt they offer a universe of products and services for medical and scientific use. Its broad product portfolio is divided into the following groups:
Diagnosis: Products for extraction, transport and storage of diagnostic samples.
Laboratory: Reproducibility demonstrated in various applications (molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, etc.)
Clinical practice: Products for regional anesthesia and urine evacuation systems.
Transfusion medicine: Cutting-edge technology for obtaining, processing and application of stored blood.
Laboratory automation: Modular solutions for analytical and post-analytical processes in the clinical and microbiological field.
In Sarstedt they are responsible for developing, manufacturing and marketing their items, all with the “Made in Germany” seal of quality, the result of their high quality requirements.
In addition, Sarstedt is proud to be a company responsible and committed to the environment, ensuring that the production processes and the products themselves are efficient and ecologically sustainable.