Ionisos offers customers its expertise on the behaviour of the different materials used in the many fields of application of ionising radiation (sterilisation, cross-linking or sanitisation). To this end, it is presenting its new R&D service, focusing mainly on the compatibility of materials with sterilisation techniques, radiation chemistry and ageing with ionising radiation.


With regard to the compatibility of materials with sterilisation techniques, Ionisos stresses that prior knowledge of the behaviour of families of materials with different sterilisation treatments makes it possible to select the appropriate method and guide the choice of the most suitable materials from the moment a medical device is designed.

In reference to the second point, radiation chemistry, Ionisos states that ionising radiation allows the cross-linking of polymers without the addition of chemical or photochemical initiators. This application allows the improvement of the physicochemical properties of the material.

Finally, this Ionisos service also pays special attention to radiation ageing. Thus, the company stresses that its facilities make it possible to carry out ageing tests on materials and components thanks to ionising radiation. These tests, they stress, are very useful in the nuclear, aerospace and nuclear physics sectors.