This year at the Netsteril stand we will have a demo of the SmartReg® software, the first eBR system that works by voice, created by the Belgian company SalamanderU.

SmartReg® is designed to pilot and register production/QC operations in accordance with GMP regulatory requirements. To achieve this goal, SmartReg® incorporates four modules:

• The Administration module allows you to configure the application and the work environment, and stores all the data necessary for production operations: users, roles, qualifications, rooms, equipment and supplies.

• The Development module “ Drafting module” or “Builder» allows you to create, verify and approve the Master Batch Records to be executed.

• The Execution module allows you to execute batch records, that is, production operations. What makes this module unique and has a great added value is that it provides operators with audio guide instructions and the recording of the operators’ responses live-voice.  No recording of voice -> speech to text transcription Reading instructions printed on paper and writing measured values ??with a ballpoint pen, so cumbersome in clean areas and for work in isolators, will no longer be necessary.

• The QA module allows you to review all the operations and approve the records of executed batches. The good thing about this section is that it allows approval by exception, that is, the person in charge can see as a summary any deviation that may have influenced the quality of the product and make decisions quicker.

Dare to stop by Netsteril Stand C-13 to learn about this authentic innovation, a disruptive technology that has already been implemented in countries such as Belgium and has obtained the endorsement of Belgian authorities. A SalamanderU Expert will teach you how it works and you can even experience its advantages yourself.